Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Salon

Last Week
I missed the Sunday Salon last week due to Hurricane Ike. I live in Sugar Land, just outside Houston. Fortunately, our side of the Houston area was spared the worst part of the hurricane. We were also lucky to have had our electricity returned fairly quickly, unlike many through out the area. However, in the run up to Ike, my high anxiety levels meant I could not concentrate enough to read.

However, this week, I regained my mental footing sufficiently enough to start reading again. I also had more time on my hands as the entire area recovered from the hurricane.

Finished Reading This Week

  1. A Reading Diary by Alberto Manguel

  2. Out by Natsuo Kirino (Japanese Lit. 2 Challenge)

  3. Leather Maiden by Joe R. Lansdale

Additions To My Library
I was quite happy the bookstores opened this weekend. I was living in the New Orleans area when Hurricane Katrina struck. The Barnes & Nobles was closed for quite sometime. Fortunately, the Borders opened soon after. I am glad Hurricane Ike did not close the bookstores for long.

  1. A History of the World in 10 1/2 Weeks by Julian Barnes

  2. Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino

  3. The Island of Dr. Moreau by H. G. Wells (cited in Manguel's A Reading Diary)

Challenges Update

I made no progress this week on the Man Booker Challenge (six Man Booker winners, short/long listed) this week.

  1. The Sea by John Bainville -- Winner 2005 (done)

  2. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell -- Short List 2004 (done)

  3. Flaubert's Parrot by Julian Barnes -- Short List 1984 (done)

  4. Amsterdam by Ian McEwan -- Winner 1998 (done)

  5. The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood -- Winner 2000

  6. The Sea, The Sea by Iris Murdoch -- Winner 1978

I read one book for the Seconds Challenge (Read 4 books by authors that you have only read one other.)

  1. A Reading Diary by Alberto Manguel (having previously read his The City of Words)

I will likely pick the remaining books for this challenge from the following:

  • On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan

  • Black Swan by Nassim Taleb

  • Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton

  • Number9Dream by David Mitchell

  • The History of the World in 10 1/2 Books by J. Barnes

  • Silk by A. Baricco

  • Dearly Devoted Dexter by J. Lindsay

  • Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde

  • The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde

I completed Japanese Lit Challenge 2!!!

  1. Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata

  2. After Dark by Haruki Murakami

  3. Out by Natsuo Kirino

Currently Reading/Plan to Read
I have Time's Arrow by Martin Amis from the library to read this week. After that, I will likely read one of the books I have listed for the Man Booker Challenge or the Seconds Challenge.

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