Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a fantastic play. This is my third reading of the play, my first using the Arden series. In the introduction, the editors of the play discuss King Lear beginning to eclipse Hamlet in popularity. Having just read King Lear, I would have to agree somewhat. Before reading King Lear, Hamlet was my favorite Shakespearean play. However, I did enjoy King Lear more than I did this reading of Hamlet. Hamlet is about a young man and King Lear about an old man. Perhaps as I age, I have more sympathy for Lear than for Hamlet.

This is not to take away from Hamlet. It remains a superb play; one that every reader of the English language should read. So, if you haven't, go out and get a good copy, the Arden or Oxford would be my recommendation, and read it as soon as possible.


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Andrea said...

This is one that I've never gotten around to reading and I really should. Nice review.