Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Return of Reading Challenges in 2012

I have been absent from this weblog for over a year now. I am returning in order to increase the number of books I read. This year I would like to read over 100 books. I would like 50 of those to be books that I own, as I have quite a TBR pile in my personal library. I am hoping that participation in reading challenges will help me reach these goals.

In 2009, I used this weblog to participate in reading challenges and read 92 books that year. In the middle 2010, I decided that reading challenges were too restrictive and gave them up to just read as my whims took me. (I also gave up blogging.) In 2010 I read 78 books, a total which dwindled again in 2011 when I read only 60 books. 60 books is the least I have read since I started recording what I read in 2006. So, I am going to do reading challenges again this year.

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