Sunday, October 19, 2008

Readathon: Hour 22

So, hour 22 completed! As promised, I read the remaining 36 pages of Twelve Angry Men and started Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay for another 7 pages. This brings my total page count to 932 pages in 22 hours.

This really has been very much like an actual marathon. You start slow at first. Then you reach a point where you feel good, you feel like you are flying, and that is the fun part. But then, the difficulties start, it starts to get hard. You begin to feel the pain, or in this case you get sleepy, you get a headache, your eyes begin to hurt, etc. That leads to doubt ... Can I make it? you wonder. At that point it is all mental, a struggle with yourself. If you hang in there long enough though, it finally starts to get fun again. You are still hurting/sleepy, but you can see the finish line. You know you can make it from here. And all that is left is to finish and feel the rush you get from the successful struggle to overcome yourself, to push yourself past what you thought were your limits to accomplish something that most people will tell you is insane. And so, my fellow readers, on to hour 23 and after that, the finish line ...

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