Saturday, October 18, 2008

Readathon: Hour 8

I am starting to get tired now. It probably doesn't help that I am reading literature in translation. However, I did manage 28 pages of The Elegance of the Hedgehog. That is actually more pitiful than I thought, now that I have actually done the math. But, it does bring my page total over 400 to 415 pages.

Here is another quote to share. It is an eleven year old girl's description of rugby and the Maori haka that the All Blacks perform before each match:

What I knew was that the haka is a sort of grotesque dance that the New Zealand team performs before the match. Sort of intimidation in the manner of the great apes. And I also knew that rugby is a heavy sort of game, with guys falling all over each other on the grass all the time only to stand up and fall down and get all tangled up a few feet further along.

For what it is worth, I love watching the haka and enjoy watching rugby too. Although, I admit, I like watching soccer more.


Sarah G said...

I read a good review of this book - but I can see how it might be tedious reading something in translation. Happy reading!

Anonymous said... the rugby description.

Are you allowing yourself naps? Or are you going for the full 24 hours?

Hope you're having fun!